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Close up magician

Close up magician, Duncan William performs the kind of magic you may have seen on TV but were too sceptical to believe. He performs the very same kind of things up close and personal in front of yours and your guest’s very eyes leaving them laughing in amazement.

Essentially Duncan’s close up magic and mind reading is contemporary, original, exciting and most of all fun!

Forget the smoke, the mirrors and the camera trickery; what Duncan does is pure and undeniable and if you weren’t seeing it so close-up, you may think it was in fact camera trickery.

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His close up act works as a fantastic ice-breaker at corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, Christenings and a whole range of other celebrations.

It lubricates conversations, brings smiles to people’s mouths and words of astonishment to their lips.

Be it cards, coins, or other curiosities, Duncan blends magic with psychological illusions to present his craft in a unique and interactive way. There are no over-elaborate incongruent stories or patter. There are no over-the top presentations. His act is classy, refined and devilishly intriguing. He can act as the perfect dinner guest, mingling between your friends, or as a showman bringing groups of colleagues or acquaintances together.

What kind of magic does a Close up magician perform?

Some of the magic effects Duncan performs include:

  • Duncan can change £5 into £20 using just your borrowed £5 note!
  • He can swap cards which you have previously signed from your mouth into his without touching you!
  • Duncan can tell you your pin number without you writing anything down!
  • Make a deck of cards vanish whilst your hands are tightly wrapped around them!

But the day is still about you. The audience are the stars of the show. They are not left with a sour after-taste of “I’ve just been tricked” in their mouths. They are left in a state of astonishment thinking “Who invited this chap – what a great idea!”

If you wanted to read some more reviews or watch some videos and other cool bits, then feel free to like his facebook page

Duncan William

“ Thank you so much for coming at short notice. I don’t know how we hadn’t heard of you before. You were really professional and your close up magic was amazing.

Thank you so much – Dave’s 40th wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if it hadn’t of been for you!! Thank you”

Susan Carroll - London

Free magic and mind reading cup photo FREE MAGIC AND MIND-READING
Duncan William offers free, try before you buy, magic and mind reading demonstrations for prospective clients. If you are interested in meeting up to talk through options and have a little taster demonstration, please get in touch!