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Magician Grantham | Wedding magician

Duncan William - professional close up magician

Mgaician Grantham. Duncan William has been a favourite close up magician for weddings, hen parties, stag dos, corporate events, dinners and celebrations around Grantham for the last 15 years or so.

His act offers something, fresh, unique, exciting and fun, guaranteed to leave you guests laughing in amazement and making your day as memorable and as special as you had envisaged.

Think Dynamo but in front of your very eyes. Think Derren Brown but without the wonder whether one of your guests is a stooge or not. This is not TV trickery. This is ‘close-up’ magic and mind reading.

Duncan’s magic is pure and undeniable. He does not attempt tricks to massage his own ego, but instead to ensure that your party, wedding, celebration or corporate event is as unique, special and as fun and memorable as you had imagined.

Be it telling you your pin number for your debit card, making a deck of cards vanish from your hands or changing your borrowed £10 into £20 pounds, booking Duncan as a Grantham magician is perfect to make make your day even more memorable than you imagined offering the perfect ice-breaker, fun and intrigue rolled into one.

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Grantham is a beautiful city, famed for the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, place where Isaac Newton went to school and the birthplace of the first UK tractor. It also plays home to some wonderful wedding venues including Stoke Rochford Hall which won the ‘wedding venue of the year’ in 2011.

Duncan’s magic extends beyond his Grantham wedding magic or close-up / table magic and he is often hired as a cabaret performer for weddings, private parties and corporate events. He also performs at festivals and events venues and his act is a polished blend of magic, comedy and ‘mind-reading’ with the odd bit of escapology and ventriloquism thrown in now and again.

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“I don’t usually give reviews but you deserve one. You were professional, smart and your magic tricks were brilliant. You deserve lots of success and I will definitely be keeping your details for future. Thank you again for performing at my event. Top marks!”

Hayley Spector – Grantham

magician Grantham TRY BEFORE YOU BUY
Fancy trying a bit of magic before buying / booking? Duncan is more than happy to give you a quick demo to give you a taste of what you can expect at your wedding, party or private event.

This kind of act can be either the main showpiece for your event or as an interlude before the evening’s main entertainment. Either way, it is fully engaging and interactive and can be tailored from 5 minutes to anywhere up to an hour.

"There are many videos, websites, and assorted marketing from magicians / entertainers across the internet....the first priority to to ensure that that person would be a good match for your wedding. It's easy to be seduced by a high quality showreel so it's always best to ask around for recommendations or call the magician / entertainer and better yet, try and meet up. If you were interested in meeting up or having a chat with Duncan, feel free to egt in touch. No hard sell, just friendly advice and support to make your day as memorable as it can be!