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Duncan William is not your average close up magician in London.

His act is fresh, young, exciting, contemporary and most of all fun.

There are no frilly shirts, no doves, no ego-massaging card flourishes; just hard-hitting, fun, engaging, original commercial magic and mind-reading to leave your audiences laughing in amazement and begging for more.

Magician London

Whether it is plucking thoughts from your mind, vanishing a deck of cards whilst your hands are tightly wrapped around them, you physically bending a 2 pence piece in your hands or visually seeing a borrowed £5 note transform itself into a £10 note (which you get to keep) - Duncan’s magic brings the magic from the TV to in front of your very eyes.

His close up magic act is a perfect form of wedding entertainment or for a private party, BBQ or corporate event and can act as the perfect conversation lubricant and unique form of entertainment that will create a memorable and lasting image in the minds of your guests and enhance your day.

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Booking Duncan as a London magician is perfect between courses at a dinner table, preceding the evening’s entertainment, mixing a mingling whilst the buffet or canapés are being shared out or as a perfect and memorable moment whilst the bride and groom have their photos taken. Whatever you decide, Duncan’s act can be tailored to fit any day and can be as flexible as possible. After this is your day – not his!!

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With London being so vast there are of course a huge amount of London wedding magicians and cabaret entertainers to choose some, and there are some excellent ones out there.

Duncan offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed which is emphasised in his professionalism, punctuality, reliability and sheer ability to entertain, amaze and astonish.

Duncan William
Duncan William
Duncan William

“We found Duncan through a recommendation from a family friend who had seen him before. We didn’t originally want a magician, but – wow what a great recommendation!! He was absolutely brilliant! Breathed loads of life into our staff party and did some amazing magic and mind illusions or whatever they’re called. He’s better than those guys on TV – and more charismatic too! Loads of fun. Ten out of ten!”

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But it’s not just close-up magic where Duncan excels as a London magician – he has also toured the UK with his critically acclaimed stage show which he has performed at Universities, festivals, events venues and private clubs, not to mention as the main entertainment at weddings and Christmas parties. In fact Duncan’s cabaret act can be tailored to any party or environment and one of his more popular bookings is to complement an hour or so of close up magic at a dinner party.

Here, he fuses magic, psychological illusions, comedy, ventriloquism, escapology and other feats of wonder to keep your guests laughing and entertained and hopefully – astonished.

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Be it 5 minutes, 45 minutes of cabaret or Duncan’s full 2 hour stage show, he can tailor it to the venue and audience size, and adapt it to your guests or audience. From the smallest of houses to largest of halls or theatres, Duncan’s act has been receiving critical acclaim wherever he has played.

Recent engagements in London have included performing wedding magic in Bromley, Croydon, Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow and Kingston and close up magic and mind-reading in Ilford, Romford, Sutton, Uxbridge, Wood Green, the West End and Knightsbridge.